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Watermelon Mountain

On May 6th, 2017, The Watermelon Mounted Pony Club hosted a 3-day eventing competition, which consists of 3 phases of riding; first the riders perform a dressage test, then ride a show jumping course, and finally they ride a cross country course with solid jumps and obstacles. It is said that the eventing riders are the kings of the equestrian sport, as they demonstrate all the aspects of riding with skill; from the finely tuned horse and rider connection in dressage, to the precision of show jumping, to the powerful speed of the cross country run.

The Pony Club was gracious enough to invite some of our NMCTR riders to show off their riding skills, and each rider got to perform a dressage test.

I had the privilege to assist each rider in practicing their dressage tests the week before arriving at the NM fairgrounds in Albuquerque, where the show was located. Sierra, Thomas, Rea, and Colin were my wonderful students and representatives of our NMCTR program. Our superstar horses, Poncho and Cisco, served as their equine partners. The Master Charter High School students of Santa Fe (who intern at NMCTR every Friday throughout the school year) did a great job bathing and grooming the horses the day before the show, helping them make a shiny and professional appearance.

Both horses eagerly boarded the horse trailer early Saturday morning, and with the help from our amazing volunteer Dana, who loaded saddles, bridles, and other necessary equipment, we left right on time! The Pony Club provided us with 2 stalls at the fairgrounds that included bedding for our horses. Shortly after arriving with the horses, our two volunteers Suzy and Suzy were eager to help with whatever was needed to make this a successful day for our riders and the horses.

All in all, we had a wonderful time! Being able to see our students Sierra, Thomas, Rae and Colin riding Cisco and Poncho through their dressage tests in front of the judge and bleachers full of a cheering audience just makes my heart jump with joy and pride. The Watermelon Mounted Pony Clubbers got together and gave each of our students a special plaque and a blue ribbon. The day couldn’t have ended any better. Volunteer Suzy stated, “I was so grateful to have volunteered for the English eventing show and be there to assist our 4 NMCTR riders. Their focus and bravery is an inspiration and touches me deeply.”

Credit also goes to our NMCTR Program Director, A who was a driving force in making this day a success. Ashley was unable to be there for the competition as she was attending a PATH Intl. conference in Colorado, but she was certainly with us in spirit, as were our many wonderful supporters and volunteers!   

Thank you, Watermelon Mounted Pony Club for providing this amazing experience for our students, horses, and volunteers.

By Angelika Hellmer- Registered PATH Instructor