Self-Mastery Program

  • Equine assisted learning program for at-risk youth (ptsd, childhood trauma, substance abuse, suicidal, teen pregnancy) that consists of unmounted activities with horses that provides opportunities for youth to practice emotional self-regulation, energy management, and physical awareness. Horses provide immediate feedback to youth regarding emotional states and arousal levels. Awareness of one’s self, one’s emotional state, and one’s physical body is heightened when interacting with sensitive mirroring horses.
  • Working in partnership with the Santa Fe Indian School.
  • NMCTR measures the heart-brain communication and its relationship to managing stress, which increases coherence and deepens the student’s connection to him or herself and others through one- or five -minute HeartMath measurements of each student’s Heart Rate Variability. NMCTR also uses pre- and post-tests that measure progress toward each at-risk student’s individualized goals established by the NMCTR certified riding instructor and medical professional counselor in conjunction with the referring agency. NMCTR also uses hand-held devices if needed from the HeartMath Institute to measure stress patterns at home and address them at the NMCTR program.