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This year, 2017, I decided that I wanted to attend the PATH International Region 10 Conference. I have never been to a PATH International conference, and the thought of additional learning intrigued me. In this profession, there is so much to learn and the possibilities for growth are endless. I applied for a scholarship to assist in the costs of the conference and while filling out the application, I grew increasingly eager to attend. The application asked for my goals in equine-assisted activities and therapies, what I hoped to take back from the conference, how the information I gained would assist me in my career, and what I planned on doing with the information. I found that there was a common theme in all my answers, and that was to continue to grow and learn so that I could in turn give back. I couldn’t wait to learn more about horses that have a career at therapeutic riding centers, as well as all the different programs that can be offered within a therapeutic riding center.  And the list goes on!  The more I learn, the more I want to give back to our riders, volunteers, and others who may want to pursue a career in therapeutic riding. As the conference came closer, I was thrilled to receive the email stating that I won the scholarship and that my expenses were paid.  

Attending the conference was full of pure enrichment, excitement, and knowledge. I attended 8 lectures and 1 demonstration. I took so many notes that my hand felt like I was back in college. As an overview of what I took home; in order to have a successful center, there must be equal amounts of time and effort directed towards the following:

  1. the board (fundraising, marketing, etc)
  2. the programs (types of programs, staffing and scheduling, volunteer training, etc)
  3. the equines (maintaining physically and mentally healthy equines, training for the equines and volunteers, etc).

If one of these areas lack, the entire program will be lacking. I gained so much knowledge in all three of those aspects, and I can’t wait to continue to share it with the board, staff, riders, volunteers, and even the horses. NMCTR continues to grow in every aspect within the center as we all continue to learn and excel with humility.

I look forward to attending the conferences in the years to come, as the amount of knowledge, suggestions, and assistance was empowering.

by Ashley Armijo – Program Director