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August 8, 2022 – 

Meet Bee!

Bee started volunteering at NMCTR in 2019. She has been a dedicated lesson volunteer assisting as a sidewalker and leader. She has also been very intrigued by natural horsemanship and the human-horse connection. She is a regular at our additional volunteer opportunities (horse groundwork and walk a horse day). You will also find Bee at our social gatherings and volunteer continuing education opportunities as Bee has always been willing to learn more! Let’s hear more about Bee’s Journey at NMCTR:

“Years ago, when working as a hospice nurse, I took care of a young disabled patient who was also deaf, blind and mute.  She was in a terminal state and her mother tenderly told me stories of her daughter’s fragile 12 plus years of life. The story that moved me the most was her mother’s telling of her girl’s time at NMCTR with the horses and instructors and volunteers. NMCTR, she said, lifted her daughter into a different world of joy and confidence and acceptance, away from her day-to-day struggles with disabilities. 

Having been a lover of horses since childhood and having a history of starting my nursing career in a children’s hospital, I knew that I would volunteer with NMCTR after hearing this story.

Once I began volunteering, I saw that there was so much to learn-so much to learn about the horses and so much to learn about and from the children. 

Ashley Fischer, who had been the Executive Director, continues to be teacher extraordinaire for the volunteers, horse whisperer and aspirational guide to all things horses. In addition to that, her educated skills and heart-filled compassion working with the children in the program has set an example for all of us. I am also grateful to Kaylee and Lindsey for teaching me so much about the horses and the children.”

Thank you for hard work and dedication Bee! We appreciated you!