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November 27, 2022 – 

NMCTR Volunteer Dana Killen has been volunteering with NMCTR for over 7 years! She came to us when she moved to Santa Fe from Texas. Well, actually what happened was, she had already made the decision that her new destination was required to have a therapeutic riding program before she would relocate. Before she even looked at houses in Santa Fe, she did a site visit to see if NMCTR would be a good fit for her. Lucky for us, she loved it and shortly after that she moved to Santa Fe. Dana has helped with every aspect of the program. She does horse care once a week no matter the weather, volunteers as a horse leader or sidewalker in lessons, has come to almost EVERY continuing education we have offered, she has volunteered at our fundraisers, and attends any event we host! Dana is a prime example of dedication. Dana is dedicated but also has a heart of gold. The love she has for our horses and riders is amazing.

Over the years, Dana became very connected with our Mustang Horse named ‘Kodi’. She would spend extra time working with him and exercising him. He would get special rump rubs and special coat conditioning spray. She made it a point to show him the love he missed as a baby. When it came time to retire Kodi, it was a no brainer… Dana adopted Kodi! She currently boards him close to her house and has vowed to him to give him the best remainder of his life as possible.

When asked why she volunteers at NMCTR, she said:  “Volunteering is my way of trying to give back for what I consider my very blessed life. Therapeutic riding helps such a variety of special needs – physical, mental, emotional and communicational – in ways that no other therapy can. And I love horses. They are my therapy as well. NMCTR offers the opportunity to learn and practice horsemanship skills while helping others to improve their lives. Win! Win!”

Dana, you are one in a million and we appreciate you every step of the way! THANK YOU!