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May 12, 2020 – 

May is for Memories! This month we will be honoring a few volunteers that have retired from volunteering but made a huge impact at NMCTR!

When Bob and Carolyn Florek retired from their jobs in Houston, they moved to Santa Fe in 2014. Carolyn began volunteering at NMCTR in May of 2014 and soon after, Bob joined her. Carolyn enjoyed volunteering during lessons as a horse leader and sidewalker, loved to feed and medicate the horses, displayed her creative side by volunteering to create teaching materials and activities for the children of NMCTR, took on the role of volunteer coordinator, and she took the best pictures of the horses. Bob started volunteering as a horse care volunteer to assist Carolyn in cleaning stalls and shortly turned into the barn handy man. He then began to volunteer as a horse leader and sidewalker because NMCTR was short volunteers. Both Carolyn and Bob picked up extra shifts when needed, hosted several get togethers and continuing education opportunities at their residence, donated a horse to NMCTR, and sponsored our beloved Tosca for several years!

These two special individuals always had a smile on their face, wanted to help others, and gave so much of their time and energy to NMCTR. After 5 years of one of their best experiences volunteering together, they retired from NMCTR volunteering with great memories! They positively impacted the riders, other volunteers, the horses, and the organization as a whole in so many ways! 

We will miss you Carolyn and Bob! Thank you for your service and dedication to NMCTR!