«Return to News ListingThe EQUUS Foundation Grants NMCTR “Messenger Status”!

March 29, 2017 – 

We are very pleased to announce to our friends and fans that NMCTR is the first organization in the state to receive Messenger Status from the EQUUS Foundation, a national charity dedicated to equine welfare and “fostering the horse-human bond”. The EQUUS Foundation Network includes thousands of horse-related charities in the U.S., covering a range of missions, including therapeutic riding.  As a member of the network, we were eligible to apply for the Messenger Status, and in doing so, NMCTR now has the privilege of applying for EQUUS grants and awards.

At NMCTR, we witness the magic of the horse-human bond every day. Our program participants benefit from riding and caring for our equine friends in significant ways. Emotional and cognitive benefits include a range of skills: building trust, empathy, patience, and concentration, as well as improving expressive skills, language skills, confidence, problem-solving, decision-making, and following directions.  Physical benefits include developing eye-hand coordination, kinesthetic awareness, muscle control, sensory integration, balance, dexterity, respiratory and postural control, and muscle strength and tone. We take special care of our horses, and they are lavished with love and gratitude by our students each day for their contributions to our program.

As a Messenger member of EQUUS, NMCTR agrees to demonstrate a commitment to public transparency, and to be willing to publish and share extensive data about our program, horse care practices, and governance. Messenger members are also expected to be a resource for individuals and other charities seeking information on services provided by the charities in the EQUUS network.

We are honored to be the first organization in the entire state of New Mexico to receive EQUUS Messenger Status, especially considering that our state boasts one horse for every 12 people!  Best of all, it means we are now eligible to apply and receive yearly grants through this wonderful foundation. Thank you, EQUUS Foundation, for helping us impact the lives of our inspiring riders and gentle equines. We look forward to applying for our first EQUUS grant very soon!