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A Taste of Spain

September 27, 2017 – 

This year, we’re devoting 100% of the proceeds of our fall fundraiser to horse care, because we love our horses! So gather your friends, join in the fun for A Taste of Spain, and express your love for the NMCTR horses too! 

This exciting evening of Spanish culinary delights, fine wine, and Flamenco music and dance at El Meson is going to be a memorable one.  Kodi, Cisco, Poncho, Maggie, Clifford, Sonic, and Fly are all looking forward to a great turnout!  Our hard-working equine heroes are our greatest asset, along with our loving staff, faithful volunteers, and of course, generous supporters.  Not a day goes by without our recognition that the health and happiness of our horses are vital to our therapeutic program. So this year’s fall fun and merriment will focus exclusively on the funding required to care for them. 

Routine maintenance for these essential members of our team includes feed, medicines and supplements, and veterinary care. When you add all of that up for our seven working horses and our one retiree, Tosca, it is our second largest operating expense. It is also what we regard as our most important investment.  Additionally, we are always seeking ways to improve their lives beyond the basics of food, shelter, and medical care, as a thank you for their unwavering dedication. Some of these most recent efforts have evolved into weekly sessions targeted at strengthening our horses’ minds as well as their bodies through equine massage, long trail walks, and individualized groundwork exercises. These recent additions to our program have made our horses happier and more willing than ever to go the extra mile when working with our riders!

So come out on Wednesday, October 25th, and celebrate the tremendous contribution our horses make every day.  Let’s show them the love they deserve, and toast to their health!  See you there!  

(P.S. Get your tickets soon, as seating is limited.) https://nmctr.org/event/a-taste-of-spain-fundraising-night-four-course-dinner-and-flamenco/