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Rio Rangers

March 4, 2019 – 

Rio Rapids Soccer Club is a non-profit soccer club serving Albuquerque and surrounding communities since 2001. The Club is New Mexico’s premier youth soccer club fielding boys and girls playing 4 through 19 years old. Their mission is to create and maintain an environment for youth soccer players from diverse backgrounds that encourages and inspires them to reach their full potential both on and off the field. Rio Rapids Soccer Club believes that involvement and engagement with the community leads to deeper levels of learning and personal growth. One of the teams from the Club, Rio Rangers, came to NMCTR Sunday March 3rd and did three hours of community service! 

The group of young men got off the field and into the barn. They first learned about NMCTR’s mission, individuals served at NMCTR, and how horses change lives. Then, they got to work and helped deep clean stalls, add fresh bedding for the horses, clean up weeds, organize the tack room and office, stack hay and much more. The team also raised money and made a team donation to NMCTR! 

Thank you Rio Rangers! The barn looks fabulous and we are ready to start our spring session!