«Return to News ListingNMCTR Receives Grant from SFCF’s COVID-19 Response Fund


May 12, 2020 – 

Founded in 1981, Santa Fe Community Foundation is a public charity that provides an avenue for donors to satisfy their charitable intents and for nonprofit organizations to receive funding that will enable them to carry out their essential work. The Santa Fe Community Foundation developed a COVID-19 Response Fund that supports nonprofit organizations in the surrounding Santa Fe communities by providing funding to ensure children and seniors receive daily meals, for emergency health services, and for childcare, rent, and utility expenses. 

NMCTR knows how valuable therapeutic riding is to the community and is determined to find additional funding to avoid having to close the doors permanently due to such a high loss of income (fundraising, lesson, and grant income). NMCTR recently applied for $5,000 grant through the SFCF COVID-19 Response Fund and was granted the full amount for the monthly horse expenses as the horses need to be fed and cared for. The horses are the core of the organization and the proven reason for NMCTR’s success. The horses are the ones that change lives and their expense is one that NMCTR cannot eliminate or reduce.

When COVID-19 concludes, NMCTR’s programs will not only be a vital service for new and current clients with disabilities but also those that have developed a heightened level of depression, anxiety, and/or trauma from COVID-19. NMCTR will be ready to serve thanks to funding opportunities such as the SFCF COVID-19 Response Fund. 

Thank You Santa Fe Community Foundation for the support!