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May 26, 2022 – 

NMCTR is pleased to offer new monthly volunteer opportunities:

  • Equine Enrichment Day – provide physically and mentally stimulating toys, activities, and environments for our herd
  • Equine Groundwork Day – learn more about the human-horse relationship through things like natural horsemanship, liberty work, and understanding herd dynamics
  • Walk a Horse Day – give our horses an opportunity to get out the stall or arena and go on a beautiful walk 
  • Equine Bodywork Day. – use different bodywork methods to ease our herd members stress and tension that they may carry from lessons

NMCTR will also be creating an Equine Riding Exercise Team. Would you like to know more about any of these opportunities or join our team? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kaylee Watkins, at nmctrvolunteercoordinator@gmail.com