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Via Nova

June 21, 2022 – 

Every month to show appreciation to our volunteers, we offer a Volunteer Continuing Education Opportunity. On Thursday, June 16th 2022, NMCTR’s volunteers attended Via Nova Training Center in Santa Fe, NM and learned about their training program and how it could benefit the horses of NMCTR.  At Via Nova Training Center, they make positive reinforcement the priority in training. Gilly Slayter (presenter) and the Via Nova team apply science-based training methods to improve motivation and performance for horses and humans. They believe that positive reinforcement training creates happy, polite, confident horses for days around the barn, on the trail, in the ring, as well as in competition. Just like traditional training, using positive training and prioritizing positive methods requires education, patience, discipline, and practice.

The day began with Gilly providing an educational talk on the science of behavior, the science of consequences, and method that brings Positive Reinforcement (R+) Training to the traditional horse world. Via Nova’s Priority to Positive® seeks to bridge the gap for equestrians from any discipline to fully embrace the power of positive training. They also took a deep look at why animals do the things they do and how they can use that knowledge to motivate our horses for an even better relationship with us humans. The volunteers then watched several demos of Via Nova’s Staff using Priority to Positive® techniques with the high-performance dressage horses that board at the facility.

Thank You Via Nova Training Center and Gilly Slayter for donating your time and facility to give our volunteers an opportunity to learn a positive approach to training and working with horses! If you would like to know more about Via Nova Training Center, visit their website at Positive Reinforcement Training & Virtual Learning – Santa Fe NM (vianovatraining.com)