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December 8, 2020 – 

Don Miller, co-founder and a mainstay of The New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding, passed away a few weeks ago.  His wife, Marilyn, shared with us an obituary that Don had been writing over the past decade; it was Don’s attempt to grasp at the meaning of his 89 years.  We want to share with you a bit of it:  

So, how do the days of your life become measured, the value of what you’ve done? 

The true measure will be not what I’ve built nor what I’ve had, but what I gave! 

I asked myself many times what I have learned, but in the end what matters is what one has taught.  What becomes important are one’s acts of integrity, courage, compassion, love, charity, encouragement, and sacrifice that may have enriched others.

Nobody asked me, but… 

Getting involved in the charitable work of helping others is very, very fulfilling. NMCTR is just that for me.  I do enjoy it and I have gained another dimension and purpose in life. 

Nobody asked me, but…  

I try and give someone a smile every day.  Or a laugh, or a compliment, or a positive thought of the future.  Up rather than down; a smile rather than a frown.  

Nobody asked me, but… 

I keep asking myself if I’ll ever shoot my age in golf. 

Nobody asked me, but… 

I’m astonished at the success and growth of NMCTR.  I never imagined the program could help so many young people in need of help.  It proves that horses can heal.  I continue to think back on the day when Michael and I asked each other what we could do to pay back for our good fortune in life. 

Nobody asked us, but… 

How is NMCTR going to make it during this unprecedented time?  Don’s excellent leadership helped us beat the odds in the early days. Please take a moment and let your memory of Don and his legacy help us beat the odds again.  Let your memory of one of our riders with special needs help us beat the odds again.

Please submit your donation in honor of Don.


NMCTR’s Board of Directors and NMCTR’s Executive Director, Ashley Fischer