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January 7, 2021 – 

New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding is off to a good start for 2021 by receiving a $13,800 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico: Healthy Kids, Healthy Families. NMCTR’s ‘Therapeutic Riding Partnership with Santa Fe Schools for Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds’ directly aligns with BCBS’s grant initiative that was designed to improve the health and wellness of children and their families across the state of New Mexico by partnering with nonprofit organizations that offer sustainable, measurable programs in nutrition, physical activity, disease prevention and management, and supporting safe environments. 

NMCTR’s School Outreach Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program is for under-served, low-income students with disabilities (including developmental delay, Down Syndrome, ADHD, autism, etc.) from participating Santa Fe schools. In the spring and fall, 4-6 special education classes (35-50 children) attend NMCTR to receive an specialized curriculum where NMCTR’s PATH Intl Certified Instructors collaborate with the special education teachers to develop individualized student lesson plans based on horseback riding goals, SEL (social emotional learning) goals, and therapeutic needs. Each weekly lesson consists of therapeutic horseback riding to work on horseback riding goals, and an unmounted activity incorporating classroom learning through horses. 

The BCBS: Healthy Kids, Healthy Families funding will be provided for School Outreach Program classroom scholarships and costs for transportation. These scholarships provide the SF Public Schools access to programs that are more feasible to a demographic that is typically under additional financial strain. If the COVID-19 pandemic prohibits the classrooms to attend in 2021, NMCTR plans to offer the same curriculum for these students on the weekends with COVID-19 safety practices implemented. Special Education Teacher and Riding Instructor collaboration will still exist for goal implantation and assessment, while family participation will be necessary for transportation and commitment.

Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico: Healthy Kids, Healthy Families for the support and assisting NMCTR change lives one stride at a time!