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Karen with Colin when he won one of his blue ribbons

November 30, 2022 – 

Written by NMCTR rider, Colin Holmes

Karen was always fun, even when her knees weren’t working so well. She loved to laugh and gave great hugs. I called her my barn mom ‘cause she became like my family, and she was OK with that. She helped me learn how to saddle the horse, and also the bridle and halter, and how to brush them, and clean their feet, and how to tell how they’re feeling that day, by  their eyes and their ears and how they look.She’s the one who made me into an intern. She was there with me and the horses at the state fair and was so happy for me when I won a blue ribbon.

She always liked to joke around – like I would do the lizard tongue, and she’d answer with the Vampire fang face, and we’d laugh. She even came to my birthday party ‘cause I invited her, and she brought Connie and Connie’s chocolate chip cookies – so yummy.

I think of her, and I still love her, and I’ll see her again in my dreams at night.
~ Colin