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Ginger in costume

November 27, 2022 – 

NMCTR’s riders were given the opportunity to participate in a fun lesson plan that involved picking a Halloween costume for their horse and then picking different costumes for themselves and the volunteers! It really wasn’t about the costumes, there were so many benefits to this lesson plan. Here are a FEW of the benefits we see all while putting smiles on everyone’s faces:

  • Decision Making – Each rider had to make the decision as to what to dress their horse up as.
  • Balance and Muscle Strengthing – Just being on a horse will provide these benefits! 
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills – The riders had to put the costumes on correctly using fine motor skills and then had to use appropriate muscles to kick and pull the reins (gross motor). 
  • Communication Skills – The riders had to communicate what costume they wanted AND communicate with their horse as to what they wanted (walk on, whoa, or go left or right). 
  • Social Skills – Naturally, all the riders were experiencing so much joy and celebrating the other riders’ costumes!
  • Riding Skills: Stopping – Each rider had to stop their horse correctly at a barrel in order to pick one costume piece at a time. 
  • Riding Skill: Steering – Each rider had to navigate their horse by either direct reining or neck reining to their desired barrel.  

Well done to all of NMCTR riders! We had a GREAT week! Click on the picture on this page to see a slideshow of awesome images of our Halloween Week!