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May 26, 2022 – 

NMCTR is excited to welcome not one but TWO new horses to the herd. Misty and Maina arrived at NMCTR several months ago. Normally, NMCTR has a 30-60 trial period on all  horses, however there was an exception made for Misty and Maina. These two mares came from Chilili, NM and had hundreds of acres to run free but not much saddle time. Their passion to serve and their calm demeanor led staff to believe they would be great additions to the herd so extra time was given to their trial period to ensure they would be a good match for the program and that it was something both horses would enjoy participating in. Over the last several months, NMCTR’s staff has been working to strengthen Misty and Maina and fine tuning their riding skills. We are happy to officially add them to the herd!

A little about the Mares horses:

  • Misty is a 14 year old Paint Draft Cross mare. She prefers to be the boss mare and loves treats. She has smooth gaits and is a solid riding horse. She is a bit of a jokester and loves feeding time.
  • Maina is a 18 year old black Quarter Horse/Arabian Cross mare. She is very kind and patient. She loves to be groomed, and seeks a human-horse connection. She will gladly fall asleep in your arms.