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The New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding will be making a debut at the Hipico Santa Fe Summer Series horse show. Four of NMCTR’s riders will be riding prior to the City of Santa Fe Fiesta Grand Prix main jumping event. The NMCTR Riders will be given an opportunity to show the horse show community all the progress they have made, all while having fun! Our amazing riders will include:

  • Colin will be riding Kodi. Kodi is a 16 year old Mustang gelding that was once a wild mustang in Wyoming. Colin and Kodi have been a team for 6 months and have developed an amazing bond. Colin has goals to barrel race and increase his horse knowledge. He is also a NMCTR Intern. He works with staff in training and caring for the therapy horses.
  • Hannah will be riding Cisco. Cisco is a 16 year old paint gelding that has beautiful blue eyes. Hannah enjoys riding Cisco and Fly as she as a bond with both therapy horses. She has a goal to learn to jump someday and has been working very hard towards her goal. She is currently getting stronger and her posting trot is becoming easier for her.
  • Thomas will be riding Tosca. Tosca is a 30 year old Appaloosa mare that was national ranked in the western discipline. Thomas has been riding Tosca for over 3 years and their bond is truly something special. Despite Thomas’ special needs, he always has a smile on his face and when he rides his horse, it is the light in his eyes.
  • Sierra will be riding Sonic. Sonic is a 10 year old Quarter Horse that is the youngest of the NMCTR herd. Sierra has been riding horses for many of years and enjoys each ride she has. She has been strengthening her legs and has mastered the art of kicking to making her horse walk on.  

Please come support the riders of NMCTR and applaud all their accomplishments!