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Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones has offered to give a free workshop for all NMCTR’s supporters, volunteers, riders and staff. We are so trilled to have this opportunity! Linda Tellington-Jones will be teaching us all about the TTouch Method as well as The Bemer applications. We cant wait for this wonderful experience! Thank you Linda!

TTouch was developed by internationally-recognized animal expert Linda Tellington-Jones, Tellington. TTouch® Training is a specialized approach to the care and training of our companion animals, horses and exotic animals, as well as for the physical and emotional well-being of humans. With Tellington TTouch, even the most difficult problems and behavioral challenges are often eliminated, enhancing the quality of your animal’s life. Tellington TTouch can help you understand and influence your animal with your heart and hands in a way that develops trust, creates a harmonious relationship, and changes unwanted behavior.

Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER) has an energy-regulating effect on all forms of life. The BEMER-VET system is designed to support the organism in case of illness with the required amounts of energy and substances. Improving metabolic function, and thereby also the overall Bioenergetics situation, is said to normalize functional imbalances and activate natural powers of self-healing, thus compensating for damage caused by false exertion, lack of movement and environmental contaminants. Horses are by nature eaters and runners – in other words, they are designed for motion. Just like modern man, horses – even those used for sports and leisure activities – suffer from insufficient movement or the wrong kinds of movement. Nowadays, very few people who keep horses can still take the time to give their equine friends a training regiment that fulfils their natural and necessary needs for movement.