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Full Stride

A six-year-old child with down syndrome smiles for the first time that day because she feels the movement of a horse. AMAZING! A teen with PTSD proudly strokes the shiny mane of a horse allowing himself to trust again. AMAZING!

Our mission at New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding (NMCTR) is to expand and enrich the lives of children, youth, and adults with special needs through equine-assisted activities and therapies. Imagine if NMCTR could double the individuals being served in Santa Fe County and surrounding areas? THAT would be AMAZING!!

Our FULL STRIDE AHEAD Campaign can get us to that reality. With this Campaign, we will add two more PATH International Certified Riding Instructors and two more therapy horses to the herd. This addition to our program will allow us to serve more individuals and work to decrease the 50 riders on our waiting list.

Through our programs, we provide services for children, youth and adults with special needs, at-risk youth, high school interns, and children from the Santa Fe Public School District. Physical strength, emotional growth, personal success, and communication skills are a few of the many benefits from being in the presence of a horse. Nothing brings us more joy then watching riders with MS improving their gait and coordination by riding a horse, or watching children on the autism spectrum engage, participate, and complete multi task sequencing, or watching the at-risk youth learn about emotional regulation and how to overcome personal fear. Connecting with horses’ changes lives.
The riders at NMCTR accomplish so much, often more than can be seen or heard. Colin, who has been riding at NMCTR for over 7 years, describes his experiences this way: “I feel like I am riding a winged horse in the clouds and it’s the feeling of movement and freedom.”

NMCTR Director Ashley Armijo joins us in asking for your financial support to increase the individuals NMCTR serves and gallop “FULL STRIDE AHEAD”! Help us add more horses and staff to our team to get those individuals off the waiting list and into the saddle by May 2020!

100% of our board members have set the pace with campaign donations. Staff, volunteers, riders, their families, vendors, the community, and previous donors are helping us reach our goal of $100,000!

Please review the partnership form for the FULL STRIDE AHEAD Campaign. Together we will make a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs in our community!!