How You Can Help

how you can help

Summer 2023
We are moving and need your help.


As is true of any non-profit organization, we always are most grateful for donations of funds, goods, and/or services to keep our program going. Income from lessons (almost every rider receives almost a full scholarship due to family income constraints) and grants is frequently not enough to cover the costs of the facility and the care of our horses. 

In-kind Donations

We have an ongoing “Wish List” of goods needed for horse care, and it gets added to on a frequent basis!  We also need materials for lessons, and for our volunteers. 


Our volunteers are vital to the success of our organization and to the fulfillment of our mission. NMCTR offers the most comprehensive and effective therapeutic riding program in Northern New Mexico. If you are interested in contributing your time and talents to our program, please join us! Anyone with a desire to make a real difference in the lives of those with special needs is most welcome. Also, if you love (or think you might love) horses, this is the place for you!


The NMCTR horses are the heroes of our program. They enrich the lives of our students (and our volunteers) immeasurably. We currently have nine horses in our “herd”; they display a huge amount of patience and heart in their roles as “therapy” horses.

Over the course of a year, feed, routine and emergency veterinary care and other expenses can become quite costly. NMCTR offers the opportunity to sponsor individual horses for designated periods of time. Sponsors fund the expenses of our heroes and allow for the provision of quality care.